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Continuation of Biography: PART 3

I’m going to go back a few steps here for something I forgot & was recently reminded of by my son Andrew, who thinks I should tell this story!

Back in the sixties when I first arrived in the big city (London)
to join Bob Miller & the Millermen (I don’t seem to get away
from the name “Miller”) who were a very busy broadcasting
band, it was pointed out to me that I would have to pass
an audition for the BBC before I would be allowed to
appear on the Radio.

The afore mentioned band would do a ‘live’ broadcast
every Wednesday lunchtime at the Playhouse Theatre
in central London called “PARADE OF THE POPS”
(some of you older ones may remember) which
featured the band & singers performing hit songs of
the day. They would also have one or two guest star(s)
who would sing or play their latest ‘Hit’ - live!! (this
wouldn’t happen today!)

Anyway, it was arranged for me to perform as an audition during rehearsals & on this particular day in November 1966.
The Guest Star on this occasion was TOM JONES who was at the time number one in the “Hit Parade” (charts) with THE GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME. In the auditorium of the theatre was a representative of ACUFF-ROSE (one of, if not, the biggest publisher of Country Music) who owned this song!

After I had done my ‘thing’ he called me over to say he enjoyed my singing & asked if I was under any recording contract to which I replied “No”.

He then invited me to his office at a later date to discuss the kind of songs I would like to record. With the success of Tom’s record I suggested a country song called DETROIT CITY that I used to sing with the COMBO in Germany a couple of years before, especially if there were American Servicemen around. (Yes, I was jumping on the band-wagon).

He reported back to me some time later that he couldn’t find this particular song but would search for others and be in touch as soon as possible. Well, I never heard from him again…… but the next ‘hit’ for Tom Jones in February 1967 was, and you’ve guessed it --- DETROIT CITY!!!

(By the way, I didn’t pass the audition, but I did record many radio broadcasts in the years to come!! Explain later!).

I would also like to mention as we are going down memory lane, that back in the days of forming the original COLIN ANTHONY COMBO the guy that played a mammoth part of making the group a great band was a good friend and still my best ‘mate’ - TERRY MARSDEN (who became and still is a very talented Song-writer).

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