I was born in Bath, Somerset and as far as I remember was always interested in music of some sort or another, along with Radio and Films. There wasn’t TV around until I was about ten years old so it was a whole different life than it is today (now that really dates
me but actually it’s not that long ago!

Technology has moved at a tremendous rate since I was a
boy) As my Mum was an usherette (do they still have
them?) in a local cinema. I used to sneak in upstairs at the
back to watch parts of movies, so you can imagine the life
changing thrill, when as a young boy, sneaking in and
seeing and hearing on a massive screen (well it seemed
massive to me) the film “Rock Around The Clock”, BILL
to name a few.

Well I knew there & then that or something like it, was
what I wanted to do.
Well, a few years later I and a couple of friends formed
a group playing the popular songs of the day “Rock’n’
Roll” mainly.
Anyway, on leaving school I became an apprentice
Commercial Artist in an Advertising Agency, at the
same time doing “gigs” at night with my band.

After serving my time as an Artist, the inevitable happened when the band and I were offered our first professional engagement to tour the clubs in Germany. After the “Beatles” have been so successful over there, it had opened doors for many groups
from the UK.

On returning to the UK after our first couple of months in
Germany, we were asked to support the “Beatles” on two occasions in the West Country. At this time they were on
their 3rd number one hit in the UK “From me to you”.

You can imagine what thrill this was, little knowing that they
were to be become the greatest “pop group” in history.

We also went on to support acts like GERRY & PACEMAKERS, GENE VINCENT, JOHNNY & HURRICANES & THE ROLLING STONES & many others!

After two albums (COLIN IS FAB & KINGS OF BEAT) and
a single (CRAZY BEATLE BOOTS ) released in Germany,
I decided it was about time to come to London to realise
my dream of fame and fortune, ha, ha!

By the way those recordings are still advertised &
available on the Internet, I don’t believe it!

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